Friday, July 31, 2009

From my back porch, with love.

It's Friday afternoon, and I was mercifully given a break from work on a day when the sun is not too hot, and the iced mocha from my gelato/coffee shop on the corner was especially good. And, sitting here, on my shaded back porch, sipping on something sweet and icy, I feel at once sad and happy.

Sad, because I have not been here enough, to this sweet space I made where we can share things - recipes, stories, fears, inspiration. Life. It's hard to explain, but I really do feel like this site is an actual place that I go to, visiting in that beautiful hour before work, or as the day comes down. I hope I've told you how much I like it here, at this table where we nibble on something delicious while we take stock of all the things that happen to us. And I'm sad that in the last six weeks I've only been able to poke my head in, wave pathetically, before shuffling off again to less desirable places. I've beaten myself up, a little, for not being able to control things enough, manage my days and weeks better so that I can get here more often. But mostly, I've been sad. Because I miss it here.

Happy, though, too, because I'm making my way back. There has been a world of good and bad on my end, and I've been taking notes, lists of the things I want to tell you. Maybe I needed a little time, a little perspective, an afternoon on my porch with an iced coffee so that everything could come into focus again. But here I am, feeling it all, ready to return.

Somehow, impossibly, it is already the end of July. These grown-up summers go too quickly, and I've been looking frantically for the Emergency Stop button. I'll not let this season pass by without me, and after one more week of work, I'll be squeezing all of summer into the month of August: swimming in the Pacific Ocean, floating on the lakes of New England, reading in the shade of a tree, and tasting all the flavors I've missed out on recently. I'll be making up for lost time, and enjoying every second of it.

So what I'm trying to say is, thank you for joining me here, and for saving my seat at the table. And to show you how grateful I am, I'd love to share two of my favorite sites with you, beautiful writers who have inspired me, and whom I believe will inspire you. I am constantly amazed at the talented writers I have discovered at the most modest of blogs, and I'm making these recommendations as solemnly as I would recommend a favorite book.

The first is Simmer Till Done, which deserves much exploration. There are sketches, tales, recipes, a little heartbreak, and a lot of laughs to be found here.

The other is Tea and Cookies, a blog that opens up to you like your favorite dog-eared novel. Poignant, honest, and leaves your heart ringing with truths you've never put words to.

And now, if you don't mind, I'll return to my coffee before the ice melts, before the sun goes down, before this golden summer is over.

Enjoy the reads, I know you will.

(*Also, I wrote a guest post this week for Marilyn of Simmer Till Done, which you can find here.)


  1. Lovely. Glad you're back, felt as though I was on your porch with you while reading, sitting in your sun.

    Hope all is well and the world of good is overpowering the world of bad. Looking forward to more of your beautiful posts.

  2. Thank you so much for such kind words—and I felt like I was reading my own in your description of being torn, trying to juggle it all, feeling summer slip away, not always getting to the place you want to be (if your site is a table, I think of mine as the tea party). Oh how I know that one.

    Such beautiful writing. Gorgeous, really. Thank you.

  3. I second Tea's typically perfect words. I love the heart in your writing and the kind, generous writer behind them. Life gets in the way of blogging, I know - but once people get used to posts like yours, they return again and again. It will be here when you are. And thank you, friend.

  4. Welcome back, lady. Summer is the ideal season to step away from this adored blogosphere for some reflection, regrouping and, quite simply, living. Take it all in. Take your time. We'll be here. :)

  5. Jennifer and Rachel - thanks so much for the encouragement, and I was thrilled to read both of your beautiful blogs. I love clicking on a name and discovering new worlds to enjoy.

    And Marilyn and Tea - Really, I'm just grateful that you are generous and brave enough to write such beautiful things, because I get to read them!

  6. Sara, the new look is fresh and fabulous, like your writing. I'm actually ready for the summer to end, as our days are toasting the thermometer to excruciatingly uncomfortable ranges - 110 to 112. Ouch!

    At least I can sit in the artificially cooled air in my cubbyhole office and read your tales of sipping something sweet and icy, and pretend I'm on a porch, too. Thank you!

  7. Lovely new look you've got going on here! I don't know where summer goes. I feel like I have this Arcadian idyll of what summer should be in my head -- long twilit dinners with friends, fresh lemonade and oatmeal cookies by the pool, sunlit reflection -- and somehow the summer always passes in a blur of work and chores and I'm lucky if I catch a glimpse of Arcadia every now and then ...

  8. Welcome back and your new blog look is just GORGEOUS!! It's a perfect reflection of your amazing writing.
    Time does fly by so fast, it's truly amazing to think that July is finished. It's just a reminder to enjoy every day as much as possible.
    Thank you again for everything that you do on this blog.
    -diane and todd