Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The best intentions.

I had planned, dear readers, on sharing a new recipe with you today, but...

Nothing has gone right this week. Nothing.

Yesterday, for example, after a twelve-hour workday on three hours' sleep, I made five trips to five markets in one single day to get ingredients for that soup you see up there. I actually cried in aisle twelve out of delirious frustration. And an hour later, slammed the door (hard) on my way out of my house when I realized I still didn't have all the ingredients, and had to go back. All that, and the soup wasn't worth the free space it would waste here.

Yeah, it's one of those weeks.

If this week were a scene from a Sandra Bullock movie, it would be the wacky opening montage: spilling coffee on my blouse, a car splashing me as I wait for the bus, a misunderstanding that leads to me getting fired, walking home with all my personal items in a file box only to find my boyfriend in bed with someone else.

This week is that bad. Cheesy Sandra Bullock montage bad.

So forgive me, dear readers, for not having a thing to offer you today, except this: sometimes we have weeks where we can't do all that we want, when all we can do is make it through the day. Sometimes, the best you can do is toss out the soup, order a pizza, and curl up to a good Sandra Bullock movie.


  1. i hope your day goes better tomorrow.
    p.s. - i'm willing to bethat sandra bullock would ask YOU to play her in her movie; you're that gorgeous.

  2. awwwwww, my poor baby. I love you me

  3. where are you when I need you? or when you need me? I am having one of those weeks too.
    next week will be better, right? it has to be!

  4. Mercury is in Retrograde for a couple of more weeks. Hang in there.