Sunday, February 22, 2009

And so we begin...

Recently, something happened. Actually, a lot of things have happened recently. I married Paul (yes!), I spent two unforgettable weeks in Paris (oui!), I read Julia Child's My Life in France, and I became unemployed. And somehow, the combination of these events seemed to catalyze a desire that has been brewing in me, without foster, possibly since the time I became obsessed with getting the perfect crust on my banana pancakes when I was ten.

And now, after years of enjoying good food, I suddenly want to learn everything about it. Not just from books and the Food Network (although, sometimes from books and the Food Network), but mostly from rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty.

And I want to share it with everyone.

I'm typically a fairly shy person, though I don't always come across that way. I will secretly spend the last hour of a party worrying about how to say goodbye to people so I can leave. But this LOVE of food, and of culinary disasters in the name of discovery, and the way your mood can change because of a few simple/perfect ingredients, and the daily miracle of good food actually making the world a better place... THIS I want to shout out to everyone. Shyness be damned.

So, I'm going to give this a try, and share what I love and what I learn with people who might enjoy it as I do.

Here is what I am conspiring to do...

I want to explore food in intimate and dangerous ways, from the gooey jar of anonymous apricot preserves in my fridge that I am currently smearing on everything I eat, to the black-market raw milk cheese I'm planning on smuggling in from Paris. (Yes, I would break the law for cheese. Details to follow in future posts.) Sometimes there will be recipes, sometimes a review of whatever I ate at a restaurant, sometimes I'll just share whatever food item or ingredient I'm obsessing over.

Food is a conduit for adventure, and it's led me to some of my favorite memories. (Washing a slippery 23-pound, apple cider-brined turkey in my bathtub because of an ill-timed plumbing debacle last Thanksgiving; ordering an oyster shooter at a sushi house with my best friend/savior Patrick after a particularly abominable week, and finding complete escape in a terrifyingly tall shotglass full of oyster chunks, fish ovaries, hot sauce and raw quail egg, which took four FULL gulps and a lot of cold sake to get down.)

I want to learn from trying things, as well as mine information from epicurean experts. My kitchen is now officially a laboratory. And, like Fred Rogers, I will take you around the neighborhood (wherever I may be) to meet the people who know about food -- from cheese shops, to farmers' markets, to meat counters.

Basically, if I read/see/hear/taste/make/step on anything delicious, I'll tell you all about it.

This is me, doing something that I love, and sharing it with other people.

And so we begin.


  1. Screw the food... this CHICK IS A HOTTIE

  2. I agree. Quite fetching. Though her thoughtful introspection and, conversely, her nostalgic openness, as well as her sensitive evocation of the scintillating joys of the adventure of taste are ample seductions for me. But yes, lovely as well.